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Saving for the Future

Eyes On Five - New York State Inebriate Asylum/Binghamton State Hospital Main Building

Preserving the Heritage of Broome and Tioga Counties by Promoting and Protecting

Places of Historic, Architectural and Cultural Significance.

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What do we do?

PAST promotes historic preservation through community education, tours, newsletters, social media, a website, workshops, exhibitions and lectures.  

Why Preservation?


By saving landmarks, we preserve clues to our history, the craftmanship of bygone eras and what makes us interesting as a people. Preservation maintains our sense of place and heritage.


Renovation can be more cost effective than demolition and may qualify for financial incentives. Historic districts provide a foundation for future economic development because they are desirable places to live and visit.


Preservation is "GREEN", it recycles architectural treasures and conserves the energy that produced them.

Where is the Office and Salvage Center?

Although listed as "21 N. Depot St", the PAST office is located on the north side of the building, facing Eldredge Street. Entrance to the Salvage Center is on the south side of the building, facing the railroad tracks.

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